Discover the most effective way to present and sell all your products! Sight 2 Window is the first, life-size digital shopping experience specific for windows and shutters. Animate your entire catalogue, your products become interactive and fully configurable in 1: 1 scale. Inspire your customers by letting them live the same experience they have when buying online, directly at your store. Sight 2 Window combines the strengths of the physical sample with the best of virtual replication, attracting and actively involving people in the configuration process. You can customize and evaluate every aspect of the products, finishes and accessories in the catalogue, observing every detail in its natural size, amplified by the ultra definition of 4K displays.

Technical Data
  • Designed for Windows and Doors
  • UltraHD 4k LCD panel available in 65″ o 86″ sizes
  • IP67 (water reistant)
  • Imecon Backlight up to 400nit
  • Detachable and trasnportable
  • Remote diagnostics and control system JoT
  • Player i5 with The Thail stand-alone license
  • Integrated with Voilàp Digital View

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